Monday, March 25, 2013

Skincare Q&A

What is the most common mistake people make when it comes to their skincare routine?

"There are several common mistakes that people make when it comes to their skin care routine but one that I feel can be most damaging is using the wrong skin care products for their specific skin type. Many people hit their mid to late 20's and they are still treating their skin as if they were teenagers thinking "oil" is bad and they need to get rid of all the oil on their skin. When you get to a certain age or as the skin starts to age the natural oil that your skin produces can be good for you and can continue to keep you looking longer. The trick...listen to your skin, if after you wash your face your skin feels dry and tight then it's time for a new more gentle or hydrating cleanser and don't forget your toner!!! I love toners!!! They bring your skin back to a ph balance...and that's a good thing!"  -Jennifer

"Using the wrong cleanser, or using water only to cleanse. Not cleansing in the evening is a big one as well. Taking the day's makeup, oil and dirt to your pillow leads to congested pores and dullness." -Beth

"People drying their skin out by not using the correct products according to their skin type. People not exfoliating is common as well." -Angie

"Using products that aren't right for their skin type. Be sure to ask your esthetician to recommend products for you to use at home." -Lisa

Why is it important to wear SPF even in Winter?

"UVA/B/C rays don't change with the season- skin damage occurs when unprotected skin is exposed to UV rays, whether you're water-skiing or running errands on a cloudy February day. UVA rays are responsible for the bulk of premature aging skin by damaging the integral proteins that give skin its strength, elasticity and plumpness. Regardless of time of day or season, UVA rays are present and penetrate cloud cover." -Beth

"The sun may not feel as hot in the winter but the rays still shine through the clouds. They can reflect off of snow on the ground, just like water at the beach, like a magnifying glass and that's when they are even more damaging." -Angie

"The sun emits UV rays no matter what season it is. Be sure to sunscreen everyday, rain or shine. Sun damage is the cause of 90% of premature aging." -Lisa

"Not why SPF in the winter, but why not SPF all the time! Doesn't matter the weather always SPF! SPF protects your skin all the time, there are sun rays year round so you need the SPF-not to mention sun at any degree can damage and age your skin. SPF is one of the greatest anti-aging creams around!" -Jennifer

There are so many different products out there; do you have any tips for determining which is best for your specific skin type?

"If you are confused about which products to use, please come in and talk to one of our estheticians. We would be more than happy to go over your concerns and help you choose the correct products for your skin type and concerns." -Lisa

"Paying attention to your skin is the best way to determine what type of skin you have, and what type of products you need. Noticing when your skin begins to feel oily, before or after noon, can narrow your skin down to being "Oily" or "Combination". If your skin feels tight and looks blotchy, it can mean you are "Dry/dehydrated" or even "Sensitive." -Angie

"Best way to pick out the best skin care product is listen to and know your skin. You want your skin to feel balanced and hydrated and supple. If you're unsure try to measure with your pore size; the larger the pore the more oily the skin. And if you still can't figure it out come in to Spa Soak for a skin consultation and we can help you find the best products for your skin." -Jennifer

When should a person start using "Anti-Aging" products?

"It is NEVER too early! Preventative skincare is key when it comes to anti-aging." -Angie

"Sun protection is the most valuable, inexpensive and effective defense against early photo-aging and it should be applied as part of everyone's regular skin care routine. Dermatologists suggest that with a few good skincare habits, such as not smoking, maintaining stable weight, using products that nourish the skin and regular SPF application, there is little reason for twenty-somethings to invest in anti-aging creams. Peptides, retinols, antioxidants and plant stem cells are a smart upgrade in a person's early 30's." -Beth

"Everyone's skin is different, but I think you should start using anti-aging products when you feel you need them. Perhaps at the first signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, hyper pigmentation or dry tired skin." -Lisa

"When is the right time for anti-aging products? If you're asking yourself that question, then the answer is RIGHT NOW! Keep in mind prevention is key, it is so much easier to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from coming, then it is to get rid of them once they've shown up. Use your SPF daily, it's a great anti-aging cream, as well as a nice hydrating cream between your brows and all around the outer parts of your eyes." -Jennifer

All questions were answered by Spa Soak estheticians; Beth Kenerson, Angie Roa, Jennifer Olson and Lisa Oquendo

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